Thursday, May 14, 2009



“Did one of these words get your attention? This is what virus writer, con artists, and identity thieves use to get your attention and tempt you to open an email. They offer you stimulating photos, current events or incredible proposals. They might want to take over your computer, add your name to spam lists, or try to steal your money. Whatever you do, don’t follow up on their offers. Definitely don’t open attachments from unknown people. Don’t open these Spam messages and definitely don’t reply to them. Just remember no one will give you a lot of money for nothing.
Spam makes up close to 100 percent of all e-mail traffic on the Internet, according to Microsoft. Just delete them and forget about it.

Reducing Spam

•The primary rule: Never make lists of e-mail addresses, and if you do, do not e-mail the list. Only send out individual emails
•Never respond to a spam email.
•Never respond to the spam e-mail's instructions to reply with the word "remove." This is just a trick to get you to react to the e-mail.
•Never sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from spam lists. These sites are of two kinds: (1) real, and (2) spam address collectors. The first kind of site is ignored (or exploited) by the spammers, the second is owned by them -- in both cases your address is recorded and valued more highly because you have just identified it as read by a human.

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